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Big Q on Q shop’s AD

Sahara Q Shop’s recent TV ad has definitely opened on a wrong foot. We believe the stills were too strong for masses to make them believe that the products they were buying could get them killed. Negative marketing hardly works. … Continue reading

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Life Changing Social Media

Till date we have heard that Facebook is vital reason for divorces, may be. Facebook can break or build. Facebook is used not only for connection but it can track back to you your life also. Here is touching story … Continue reading

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Google Selling Ice Golas?

After Facebook restaurant its now Google Ice Golas ‘Gogola’!!! Huh!  Surely this vendor doesn’t have the slightest idea of what in copyright infringement it can lead to.!! The Golas are branded as they have Trademark! Now that’s whom we call the #blacksheeps.

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Twitter Power

Social media has become an inevitable part of daily life by most of the netizens; even more for the celebrities who keep posting about themselves. They use it to give hints about their personal life or share news about what … Continue reading

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Intellectual property theft – who cares?

After MacD tea stall, we find Facebook restaurant! Grrrr… 😀 😀 Wondering why people don’t make efforts to choose a business name!   Spending a little time for business name and then building business may save lot of efforts and expenses. … Continue reading

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Are you Obsessed with Quality and Driven by Passion buyer?

When I saw coffee stain on my shirt, the very first thing come to my mind was daag achche hai, in spite of knowing it is difficult to get rid of that stain. Not I, most of the people utter … Continue reading

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A cool example of how one of car manufacturer decided to leverage social media marketing to launch its new car!

A typical car launch would have been a grand affair with a big show, celebrities and lots of marketing blitzkrieg. But here’s an example of how trends are changing. Renault® recently launched their latest SUV model Duster on Facebook®. Before … Continue reading

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Has McDonald’s ventured into chai kitlis too? Never knew :)

Don’t be surprised! This one is certainly not from Mc Donald’s. This tea vendor  has named his stall same as of the global food chain’s. Some say how foolish while we say one more black sheep. #blacksheeps. Well, he may not … Continue reading

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Check this of where Google features

Here comes yet another ‘JustDial’ kind of telephone-assisted directory services that doesn’t seem to be offering nothing much unique but making an overwhelming tall pitch to market its service, that too, not without googling! We came across this piece of ‘few black … Continue reading

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