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When there's too much competitive chaos, it's a struggle to find the right marketing options! Make it happen with our trendy

Digital Marketing Products


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the most dynamic products for marketing

Marketing in current times must be dynamic and not static, isn’t it? Presenting the most happening Digital Marketing Products that offer ‘utility’ and are not a ‘novelty’.


Amongst an ocean of options to undertake a brand’s marketing, Prosmit brings to you one more attention-grabbing business vertical: Digital Marketing Products ie. the Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) category for ‘Marketing On-the-Go’. Prosmit has recently added this business vertical to its existing 12+ years old business in the quest to constantly evolve itself to the latest trends in marketing that helps to ‘Ace Your Marketing Like a Pro’.


With these products, transform dull screens into captivating ads for some exciting offers or a memorable brand message that makes a lasting impression. Also it becomes easier to run dynamic content or messages on your own ie. just like Google, Meta, Twitter (X) or Linkedin allows for D-I-Y marketing virtually, these products allow DIY marketing in physical world. The end-result is an excellent traction for any B2C/B2B brands of their relevant Target Audience / Group (T.A. / T.G.).

So, be an early adopter of Digital Marketing Products to get an edge over your competitors because the marketing trends are changing in the following way:

  • Static Flex & Vinyl STANDEES are a passé. It’s time for dynamic Digital Standees

  • Staff BAGS with embroidered/printed logo or Lookwalkers are a passé. It’s time for dynamic Digital Bags

  • Backlit-Frontlit Acrylic/ACP HOARDINGS are a passé. It’s time for dynamic Digital Boards

  • Fixed Acrylic/Engraved/Flex/Vinyl mini-signages are a passé. It’s time for dynamic Digital Plates


Lastly, stop wasting your company budgets on old marketing practices and up your game NOW!

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Why opt for static communication when it is easier to run dynamic content across Digital Standees! Unplug old marketing techniques and make your brand stand out from the chaos. Our attention-grabbing product can help gain good traction for any B2C/B2B brands’ Target Audience (T.A. / T.G.).


Prosmit Digital LED Standees b.png
Prosmit Digital LED Standees a_Extra.jpg

Digital Bags / LED Bags

Prosmit Digital LED Bags b.png
Prosmit Digital LED Bags a_Extra.jpg

Bringing to spotlight, the most innovative Bags for marketing that are fitted with Digital LEDs on back side to run customized brand messages and take it along wherever you go ie. ‘Marketing On-the-Go’! It's a great product for Proximity / BTL / Guerrilla / Teaser Launch / Viral marketing activities not just for larger companies but also solopreneurs who believe in ‘Ab Apna Marketing Khud Karo’.


Those static Hoardings or mini-Signages can be so boring! Now run dynamic content across moving Digital Boards like Square Pole, Floats/Trucks or Fixed Installation Signages! These attention-grabbing products lets you communicate beyond just your brand name thereby striking the right chord with any B2C/B2B brands’ Target Audience (T.A. / T.G.).


Prosmit Digital LED Plates b.png
Prosmit Digital LED Plates a_Extra.jpg

Presenting our low-cost portable marketing Plates boards for ‘Marketing On-the-Go’. It’s wafer-thin linear design and light weight structure allows to use it for more than 25+ different applications thereby ensuring even the smallest business owners can also adopt Digital Products.


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Disclaimer: Prosmit is only a Product reseller and not a direct manufacturer / authorized partner. All the above provided data is as received from Manufacturer / Supplier and does not lead to any legal or obligatory compliance for Prosmit.


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