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Backlit-Frontlit Acrylic/ACP HOARDINGS are a passé
and it’s time for dynamic Digital Boards…

Those static Hoardings or mini-Signages can be so boring! Now run dynamic content across moving Digital Boards like Square Pole, Floats/Trucks or Fixed Installation Signages! These attention-grabbing products lets you communicate beyond just your brand name thereby striking the right chord with any B2C/B2B brands’ Target Audience (T.A. / T.G.).  

With us, ‘Ace Your Marketing Like a Pro’

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Our Digital Boards (Movable/Rental or Fixed Installation) can be customized as per any size requirement. Equipped with high brightness full-colour 3535 LED lamp beads, they are a great fit for both Indoor or Outdoor usage. Digital Boards run on Power Supply and needs a controller along. Find below more specs:

  • Model: (a) P3 (Outdoors) 2445 Mini Screen 45” W x 38” H x 5” D (b) P4.8 (Indoors) 2455 Square Pole 24” W x 72” H x 24” D (c) P3 (Outdoors) 2465 Float/Trucks 90” W x 76” H x 3” D

  • Power Supply: N.A.

  • Power Consumption: N.A.

  • Image Aspect Ratio: 1080x1920

  • Brightness (Nits): N.A.

  • HDMI / USB 2.0 / VGA / SD Card: HDMI

  • Cabinet: Black Colour, Diecast Cabinet

  • Supports Videos / Image / Text / GIFs without Audio

  • Control via Bluetooth & Mobile Application

  • Weight: 9 kgs for approx. 2x2’ Cabinet (excluding the Frame)

  • 2 Year Warranty for LED Panel*

*Terms Apply

Design Instructions: (1) Prepare screen creatives in size of 1920px W x 1080px H. Opt for larger and bolder fonts. For videos, create in horizontal format

Care Instructions: (1) Wipe with dry cloth. Do not soak in water

Digital Boards / LED Boards

Prosmit Digital Board a.png

|| Ask us for add-on plans on extended Warranty of LED Panel ||

|| Ask us for add-on services like 3D - CGI - Anamorphic Videos ||

Prosmit Digital Board e.png
Prosmit Digital Board c.png
Prosmit Digital Board d.png
Prosmit Digital Board b.png
Prosmit Digital Board b.png


Brands can use our Digital Boards for POS Marketing of their Retail Stores across Main Street or within Malls like Garments, Medical, Lifestyle Accessories, Saloon & Spa, Furniture, Education Institutes, Movie Theatres, Hotels, etc. It also works as an excellent option for marketing at Events including Digital Square Pole, Digital Floats / Trucks, Digital Podium, etc.

Digital Boards Application 1
Digital Boards Application 5
Digital Boards Application 4
Digital Boards Application 3
Digital Boards Application 2

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For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), click here

For SALES / RENTAL inquiry: +91 - 9033 00 80 20

For AFTER SALES SERVICE / RENTAL support: +91 - 898 00 22 689

Disclaimer: Prosmit is only a Product reseller and not a direct manufacturer / authorized partner. All the above provided data is as received from Manufacturer / Supplier and does not lead to any legal or obligatory compliance for Prosmit.


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