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Amish, our lead trainer prefers to describe himself as a Marketeer at Heart, Salesman by Head and Entrepreneur in Genes. He is an MBA by qualification with more than 15+ years of marketing experience across national & international markets. He’s basically a self-learnt Digital Marketer who got in-roads into Digital Marketing when Facebook was just born or Youtube was not acquired by Google. Today he’s considered one of the renowned names as Digital Marketing Coach who is helping empower companies and individuals realize their Digital Marketing goals. Amish lives by the mantra of: Aut Viam inveniam aut faciam. For more, connect with him on Linkedin          or follow him on Twitter         .

Amish strongly feels for the Physically Disabled and believes Digital Marketing offers them a good career option. He thus imparts free Digital Marketing training to any such interested candidate. He has also worked along Apang Manav Mandal, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad for the same and has trained 6 of their students till date. If there's any such deserving candidate or an organization working for them, feel free to refer and he will volunteer to train them in Digital Marketing.

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Prosmit has been providing professional Digital Marketing Consulting & Coaching since 2016 with more than 125+ C-level Corporates, 5+ Business Houses and 1000+ Students till date. We offer our training in all possible formats such as: Customized Consulting for Professionals / Small Entrepreneurs, Corporate Coaching for Industry Associations / SMEs, Group Training Batches for Managers, Academic Sessions for Engineering / MBA Colleges as well as Seminar for Universities. To get latest info on our Digital Consulting & Coaching, contact us on +91 - 90 33 00 8020.

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