So, the Digital Marketing domain has fast turned into a herd race with all kind of crazy brains around laying every possible claim to being in India’s top Digital Marketer. But most are as good as Whatsapp forwards! We are 9+ years in business, happy to be in mid-sized segment (call us the non-greedy folks) offering boutique-priced Digital Marketing campaigns and have bit of good foothold in Ahmedabad. Since last few years, we have reduced our client intake to selective projects only each year!

We understand that as the difference between spammy Online Activities (due to commoditization of services) versus impactful Digital Marketing gets slimmer, the CMOs / Marketing Managers have tough choices to make when listing the right agency. Isn’t it? Don’t worry! Thankfully here's a sane agency that’s just into Digital Marketing and knows how capitalize its 9+ years of experiential learning with the right tips & tricks to drive a better impact for campaigns. So why get carried away by I.T. companies or Graphic / Branding one. Truly a dependable player is who we are!


Social Media Marketing

Here we handle both organic and paid Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign for Brands, Celebrities and Events. For organic SMM we work beyond just creating of posts, to putting in innovative ideas for engagement and community building alongwith blogs, viral campaign, influencer endorsements, live activities, social outreach, web analytics, etc. In paid SMM, we manage budgets on client’s behalf for a Campaign Management Fee (CMF) for visibility, leads / inquiries and re-marketing. We also offer Online Reputation Monitoring (ORM) for employees, competitors or industry. Our platforms of focus are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram besides few others.

The team that works on this consists of Campaign Specialist, Content Writer, Designer, Photo & Videographer, Optimizer, etc. Want to know more, reach out to us!

Search Engine Marketing

Though these are D-I-Y ads, our expertise lies in getting targeted search traffic on website or application with best in class Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tricks. A lot of companies still prefer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which takes time and is not precise in results. SEM on the other hand lets one run targeted keyword / display campaign or remarketing by specific keyword, category or competitor to get the sales register clicking with inbound inquiries. We manage SEM budgets on client’s behalf at a nominal Campaign Management Fee (CMF) that gets them the best ROI possible. Our platform of focus is Google besides few others.

The team that works on this consists of PPC / SEM Expert, SEO Content Writer, Campaign Manager, etc. Want to know more, reach out to us!

Ecommerce Sales Promotion

A lot of companies do have good product line but fail to get them across markets. We specialize in helping them scaleup from a brick-mortar business to a click away Ecommerce store. We not only help clients with Ecommerce strategy but also get them started from scratch which includes setting up owned Ecommerce site, integration with payment/shipping gateway, listing on third-party Ecommerce platforms and running POS sales promotion campaign to get qualified leads. It also includes managing the reviews and launching various sales schemes for combos, freebies, discount vouchers, etc. Our platform of focus is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) besides few others.

The team that works on this consists of Content Writer, Photo & Videographer, Search Optimizer, Online Analyst, etc. Want to know more, reach out to us!

Digital Identity Creation

Having an impactful identity over web is necessary, that includes a Dynamic Website, Informative Blog, Landing Pages, Festive Posts, Business Presentations, Promotional Videos, Product Demos, Training Webinars, Web Reviews, Online Brochures / Case Studies / News Letters / Info Graphics / Visiting Cards, etc. As a dedicated Digital Marketing Agency, we ensure a stronger Online Presence leveraging our expertise, experience and creativity. Our clients have been using these for their Sales Pitches, Board / BNI Meets, Tradeshows, In-house Training, Web Commercials, etc. Our platform of focus is Youtube, while production platforms are Godaddy, WIX, Canva, etc.

The team that works on this consists of Visualizer, Copy Writer, Web Developer, Cinematographer, Video Editor, Web Optimizer, etc. Want to know more, reach out to us!


We love working for startups with a potential idea, good team and fresh management approach. The idea is to help stay focused on core expertise without worrying for marketing plans and spending. Ideally under this program, our analyst team studies the business in detail, along with the competition and industry potential, based on which we suggest some comprehensive mix of web marketing plan from our entire portfolio of services to help  realize the business goals, like one of their marketing partner and not a typical marketing vendor.

Typically manufacturing involves juggling with too many challenges. So mostly it is a tussle of time and focus between the production versus marketing for the owners. Ideally under this program, our business analyst studies the product in detail and takes up all the jobs right from market research, messaging & positioning, web marketing and web sales promotions to directly deliver only the confirmed orders into the mail box. So, we take up everything right from putting up the website to comprehensive web marketing.

Qualified individuals like Doctors, Engineers, Architects, etc. or celebrities from Movie Industry, Sports, etc. can tap the huge potential of digital marketing in order to create their own brand. This includes securing their online identity, managing online reputation and ensuring that they are positioned competitively vis-à-vis the competitors. We work out most relevant strategies after detailed SWOT analysis of the professional before recommending a defined digital marketing communication strategy.

As retail stores face a lot of slackness in footfalls due to online ordering and ongoing pandemic, the only way ahead for them is to tap on the potential of going online for their brand and generate more virtual footfalls. No matter whether a brick retail store or click one, B2C selling has never been so impactful with online marketing. We craft campaign plan that suites retail brands who prefer standard or consistent web marketing assistance all under one-roof. Finally, the sales impact is what counts for all our clients!

It’s always a costly affair to setup an international sales shop and run marketing activities to get export orders. Web has made it easier for end customers worldwide to approach for export orders, no matter the location of your business origin. So if one has a good B2B or B2C product line, no geographical boundaries can stop them realizing their business growth goals. All you need is a strategic approach to web marketing with a resourceful Digital Marketing service provider and a global vision.

Whether an academic institution or industry association, the problem of too many decision makers is always a challenge to market. Having a dedicated Digital Marketing agency helps strategize the organization’s priorities and ensures that work gets delivered rather than getting entangled into hierarchies. Also as marketing accountability rests with few hands, it’s always easier to overcome the struggle of putting up the right marketing plan for maximum impact.


The web is an ocean with millions of platforms available for marketing your brand over internet. Wisely choosing the right platform assures you the best possible ROI.

We believe in ‘Less is More’ approach and prefer to work with selected platforms like: Facebook, Google, Amazon, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram.


We also work along with other affiliated service providers who can strengthen the ecosystem around our Digital Marketing efforts like: Gsuite, Godaddy, WIX, etc.

Our reseller services come with a nominal Campaign Management Fee (CMF) for the expertise we bring on board for the D-I-Y AdTech management that helps our clients save their time and the pains arising out of errors in handling them.

And, we are open to entering into partnerships with platforms or tool that can help further leverage the Digital Marketing impact. 


Prosmit’s client portfolio has some leading names from more than 20+ business categories like Education, Fashion, Eyewear, Beauty, Movies, Celebrities, Home Décor, Baby Products, Hotels, Packed Foods, Car Spa, B2B, etc. Using our rich experience and strong foundation of 9+ years, we had the privilege of consulting lot of brands to lay their Digital Marketing foundation from ground zero. So, whether it was about crafting innovative strategies for a music video launch or handling social media for movie promotions or using stills for an education institute video to doing visitor engagement for event marketing, running contests for an FMCG brand to creating video interview-styled case study for a B2B brand, etc. we have done it all. Glad to have been their Digital Doctor and presenting them with 'Out-of-Box' solutions. For more insights, go over our stories below.


What sets us apart from the industry peers is our skill versatility for social media or other Digital jobs. Like whether it be creating of Memes, Jibes, Time Lapse, Throwbacks, Moment Marketing or going a step beyond regular studio works to handling on-floor shoot needs for celebrities or events, We have a qualified team to manage set of tools to manage it live.

Gimbal Stabilizer
Monopod Stand
Tripod Stand
Photo Booth
Video Rig
CBracket Grip
Background Wall
Collar Mic
Shortgun Mic
Ring Light
Mobile Lens
Lazy Neck
Gorilla Tripod
Display Easel
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We also undertake VR Tours (360 Degree) and VR Apps in association with Vrizm. Check here a sample.




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