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Prosmit can be rightly defined as Digital Marketers by DNA. Neither an IT company, nor a Graphic / Branding one trying to run it like a side hustle. Rare breed, isn't it? Check out the service offerings here from our Digital Wishing Tree below.

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Well, our story runs since 2011. We are an Ahmedabad-based boutique Digital Marketing Agency that focuses on 'tailormade' impact-driven Digital Campaigns. We were launched as SMIT Digital Marketing® and over period crafted our front-end brand identity as PROSMIT® that was coined from 'Professionals in Sales & Marketing with Information Technology'. We are also actively into Digital Marketing Coaching & Consulting since 2016.



Glad to have worked with more than 150+ retainer clients till date from 23+ different industries that includes some national brands -to- limited companies -to- main street retail stores. Also, we had a decent run with more than 67% Client Retention Rate and 19% New Client Referral ratio. Check here our partial list of clients:




Inspite of having reputed brand projects in kitty and the size of our turnover, it may come up as a surprise for many that we do not have any full-time employee on payroll. We are running under a 'Solopreneur' model since 2020 (call it a reverse growth story for headcount atleast, where from 25+ people on-board during our start in 2011-12 to downsizing ourselves and having just 1 person run the entire show currently). Thankfully, we could grow this lean as our founder Amish mastered the art of Digital Marketing Strategy Planning, Content Drafting, Post Designing, Video Editing, Paid Ad Campaign Management, Client Servicing, etc owing to the hurdles he faced during his startup times. And for the functions that he cannot deliver, we prefer Automation Tools.


As per Amish, "I have been working for more than 15+ years in this industry and do strongly believe that the current times offer a beautiful opportunity enough to empower any individual with multi-faceted talents to being a successful Digital Solopreneur / Digipreneur." That's like a one ‘human’ show.

But yes, we at Prosmit are always open to 'collab' opportunity with virtual professionals/contributors for a 'well-knit' setup that can rise up from 1 to 50+ folks overnight too if need that scalability for any particular project. To be a part of it, visit here.