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 Fixed Acrylic/Engraved/Flex/Vinyl mini-signages are a passé and it’s time for dynamic Digital Plates…

Presenting our low-cost portable marketing Plates boards for ‘Marketing On-the-Go’. It’s wafer-thin linear design and light weight structure allows to use it for more than 25+ different applications thereby ensuring even the smallest business owners can also adopt Digital Products.

With us, ‘Ace Your Marketing Like a Pro’.


Our Digital Plates are highly suited for Indoor usage across companies, retail stores or at events. It runs on USB Power Bank or Power Supply either and does not need any separate controller. Find below more specs:

  • Model (with Display Screen, Size & Weight): (a) P3 2480 Wafer Thin Size 15in W x 7.5in H Weight 440gms (b) P2 2481 Bag Plate Size 7.75in W x 10.45in H Weight 460gms (c) P3 2482 Food Bag Size 11.33in W x 7.75in H Weight 340gms

  • Processor-embedded

  • Power Consumption: (a) P3 2480 Wafer Thin 10K mAh Powerbank lasts 5 Hours (b) P2 2481 Bag Plate 10K mAh Powerbank lasts 8 Hours (c) P3 2482 Food Bag 10K mAh Powerbank lasts 5 Hours

  • Power Supply: DC5V 2A by USB Power Bank or direct power supply via Mobile Dock / Adaptor

  • Nits / General Life Duration: (a) P3 2480 Wafer Thin 2000-2500 Nits with SMD Lamps 3535 (b) P2 2481 Bag Plate 800-1000 Nits with SMD Lamps 3535 (c) P3 2482 Food Bag 3000-4000 Nits with SMD Lamps 3535 / 1921

  • Supports Image / Text / GIFs without Audio

  • Control via Bluetooth & Mobile Application

  • 1 Year Warranty for LED Panel*

*Terms Apply

Design Instructions: (1) Prepare screen creatives in aspect ratio of 128px W x 96px H or 96px W x 1286px H. Opt for .JPG or .PNG format with thick lines, simple patterns and character spacing. For videos converted to .GIF, ensure not more than 5mb file size.


Care Instructions: (1) Wipe with dry cloth. Do not soak in water

Digital Plates / LED Plates

Prosmit Digital Plate a.png
  • Ask us for add-on plans on extended Warranty of LED Panel

  • Ask us for add-on services like 3D - CGI - Anamorphic Videos

Prosmit Digital Plate b.png
Prosmit Digital Plate c.png
Prosmit Digital Plate d.png


Digital Plates is one of our best products as it allows for more than 25+ different applications. It can be used for Informative Signage, Alert Signage, Navigational Signage, POS Promo Offers Signage, Welcome / Feedback Signage, Cars / Bus / Trucks Signage, etc. and we can offer it along with Floor-Mount Stand, Table-Top Stand, Ceiling/Wall Hanging Stand, etc. It is best suited for Retail Stores / Malls or for Events to leverage POS Marketing for businesses of Brokers, AC / RO Service, Housekeeping, Painting, Garments, Medical, Lifestyle Accessories, Saloon & Spa, Furniture, Education Institutes, Movie Theatres, Hotels, Valet Parking, etc. Some of our other unique usages are Digital Promo Table, Digital Retail Racks, Digital Podium, Digital Newspaper Stand, Digital Name Facia / Pylon, Digital Valet Parking or even can have the Digital Plates placed across Cars / Loading Trucks or Food Bags.

1. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480a.png
3. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480c.png
2. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480b.png
4. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480d.png
5. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480e.png
7. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480g.png
6. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480f.png
8. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480h.png
9. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480i.png
11. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480k.png
10. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480j.png
12. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480l.png
13. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480m.png
Prosmit Digital Plates 2480o.png
14. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480n.png
Prosmit Digital Plates 2480p.png
17. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480q.png
Prosmit Digital Plates 2480s.png
18. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480r.png
20. Prosmit Digital Plates 2480t.png
Prosmit Digital Plates 2480u.png
Prosmit Digital Plates 2480v.png
Prosmit Digital Plates 2480w.png
Prosmit Digital Plates 2480x.png

All the above options are available in 2481 Bag Plate version too


SALES / RENTAL Price is inclusive of Plastic Cover but not Power Bank.

No warranty is provided on additional objects besides LED Plates

Prosmit Digital Plates 2482y.png

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For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), click here

For SALES / RENTAL inquiry: +91 - 9033 00 80 20

For AFTER SALES SERVICE / RENTAL support: +91 - 898 00 22 689

Disclaimer: Prosmit is only a Product reseller and not a direct manufacturer / authorized partner. All the above provided data is as received from Manufacturer / Supplier and does not lead to any legal or obligatory compliance for Prosmit.


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